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baby cradles  

Model: V I E N N A

cradle_vienna cherry, make large !

Each of these beautiful wooden cradles is built in our small workshop in the countyside. They are made manually and with love.
Wood is a "living" material. For the treatment of the surface we only use natural oils and waxes. So the pores of the wood remain open to breath.
The carefully selected pine appears light and friendly to the spectator. Pine which is home grown in Austria is very suitable for the construction of cradles.
It is a fact that the cradle is made entirely from wood, apart from two leather straps.This fact raises the interest and enthusiasm of parents about our cradles.

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Our secret is that we only use the most suitable hard wood that nature provides according to the desired function.
The frame is held by beautiful threads made from white beech. The basket is fixed by diagonally drilled tenons and a pliable bottom with holes. The best suspension guarantees a long long gentle rocking. (Due to a minimal loss by friction).
In the frame are shaped wheels that make the cradle very flexible.
The only difference of the 3 models in the picture is the head-front. Still each of them have their own characteristic.


Model: P A R I S

cradle_paris, pine, make large !

Model: M A D R I D

cradle_madrid, pine, make large !


You can hang the basket in and out with only one movement. If you hang the basket out, you can easily carry it downstairs or out in the garden. The cradle weights only 10 kilogram including the matress! You can of course also fix the basket to the frame.

If you want to spend a weekend in the countyside, your baby doesn´t have to go without the cradle. The cradle can easily be taken to pieces. You don´t need much room for it, so you can easily put it in your car and fix it together in little time. WITHOUT USING TOOLS.
Security is provided. If for example an older child bangs the cradle, a strong rocking is avoided by a stop pin.
You may as well remove the adjustable curtain rail.

Easy installation!

cradle_plan.jpg / make large !

Rythmical soft rocking encourages the baby´s sense of balance and calms the baby down when it is half asleep.

Note:a free field of vision is given, otherwise the baby wouldn´t like it anymore after a couple of weeks. But because this is provided, you may use the cradle till the baby starts the crawling phase. So you can use it until the baby is about one year old.
What happens then?
Then the cradle works as an eye-catcher, using only little space and waiting for the next baby, the next generation, the next century! That´s what the cradle is built for.

This piece will be your family estate and included in your family´s history. Your kids will say one day: "I laid in this cradle" or "This this cradle was built when cars were still being used ! "

cradle_paris, pine.




cradle_paris, pine.












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41 x 28 x 57